about me

My name is Dominik and I live in Warsaw, Poland. I graduated from psychology and photography, and I think it is a very useful combination. A good photographer needs to understand people and be emphatic.

I call myself a documentary wedding photographer, but let me be honest with you... I have some issues with typical wedding photography. It’s often cliche and boring. A great number of wedding photos has nothing to do with pure emotions and happiness that you will hopefully experience on your wedding day.

So I don’t follow wedding photography. Instead, I just do my best to take pictures that will be meaningful to you in 20 years, and priceless in 50 years.

Documentary photography, fine arts, movies and music is my inspiration. I’m interested in the world around me, I seek beauty in little moments. I do my best to constantly develop as a person and as a photographer. While photographing I don’t interfere in the course of events, but I’m always just next to you, so you can be sure that I will catch those most important moments.

Let me tell your story.